Message from the General Director

First of all, I would like to express our sincere thanks for your trust and companion with Nutifood over the past two decades.

Launched in 1989 with key personnel being dedicated doctors who together share the aspiration for “Improving nutritional standard for Vietnamese people”, Nutifood always argues that scientific research foundation is of special importance in developing nutritional products. This is our guide in the journey of creating a happy and healthy life for the community in all stages of life. Throughout the formation and development process, Nutifood has kept applying international research achievements in order to ensure that each product must be the quintessence of modern nutritional science. The fact that Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute In Sweden (NNRIS) was established, accommodating the world’s leading specialists, together with 20-year experience in healthcare for Vietnamese people is the proof for the strong determination and commitment of Nutifood in providing high-quality nutrition source, thereby improving Vietnamese physical condition and stature.

By promoting our core capacity and optimizing the strength of advanced production technology, we are quite proud because Nutifood products not only accompany the Government in solving the national nutrition issue but also become the No. 1 choice for millions of families in Vietnam. Such achievement is the honor of each Nutifood employee and serves a driving force for us to devote to the community.

Besides, the journey of Nutifood is still extended with breakthrough imprints. One of them is the effort to develop a standard materials area and establish the production process from the origin - prerequisite factors for outstanding product quality.

We own NutiMilk 6S Dairy Farm - the first and only place in Vietnam to provide high-standard fresh milk with quality equivalent to that of European milk. New Zealand milk, which produced from cows fed 100% by natural grass - one of the best milk sources in the world - for the first time, is imported to serve Vietnamese people. By combining the Western modern science with the Oriental herbs, we succeed in awakening the “national treasure”, i.e. Ngoc Linh ginseng which has been forgotten for decades in the jungle forest or revitalizing the legendary CADA coffee farm with over 100-year history. Such ceaseless efforts are aimed at providing diversified, delicious products with the best nutrition for consumers’ health.

Up to now, Nutifood products have been present all over continents and are beloved by millions of international consumers thanks to their diversified list, outstanding quality and conformity with the strictest standards of highly developed markets such as America, Japan and South Korea as well as European countries. No matter where our products are present, each of them is targeted at providing nutritional solutions from specialists to improve the community stature and health.

Based on our sustainable core values, we believe that, with your companion and trust, Nutifood will gain more successes in providing nutrition quintessence to the community and making Vietnamese milk trademark more developed in the international market.

Best regards,

Ceo msg

Message from our CEO

“Nutifood - Starting from Vietnam, now reaching out to the world”

Mrs. Tran Thi Le
Nutifood CEO


Start from the devotion.
Grow with ambitions.

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Becoming a globally famous company in terms of nutrition science and healthcare


Meeting specialized nutrition demands for each object and each age, daily nutrition demands for all families

Business philosophy

Understating the nutrition urgency of the community as the foundation for research and development. Pioneering in providing health nutritional science solutions. Focusing on sustainable development, community responsibility and customer satisfaction.

Core Values

7 core values


Ethics - Uprightness - Commitment in every speech and action.


Taking responsibility, using resources with control to overcome challenges.


Facing and solving thoroughly.


Each employee is a nutritional specialist for herself/himself, his/her family and friends and excellent in his/her field.


Always working out various solutions for one issue to create difference and pioneering.


Working with objective, plan and quantification towards efficiency for organizations and customers.


Facing, adapting and overcoming difficulties to conquer new climax.


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