Preservation of goodness for outstanding quality

Each Nutifood product is the top crystallization of nutritional scientific research, use of natural resources based on modern production technology.


clean and natural materials area is the starting point of all good nutritional products

For this very reason, Nutifood always makes nonstop efforts to own the purest materials with the highest quality to ensure outstanding quality before our products reach consumers.

Standardized Dairy Farm
Coffee Farm
Ngoc Linh
Ginseng Farm

The first & only place in Vietnam to create fresh milk source with the same quality to imported milk.

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The first & only place in Vietnam to produce high quality fresh milk with equivalence to imported milk

Gia Lai - the windy highlands with all-year fresh and cool climate (ranging from 21*C to 25*C) is endowed by the nature with nutritious green grass covers, an ideal environment for “cows” to grow optimally. This is where NutiMilk 6S Dairy Farm is built to produce the first and only internationally standardized fresh milk source in Vietnam, equivalent to imported milk, with 3.5g protein and 4.0g fat/100ml.

NutiMilk Dairy Farm covers over 1,000 ha. It is located right under the volcanic mountain, deeply situated in the green grass forest in Dak Ya commune, Mang Yang district, Gia Lai at the height of 800m from the sea level, quite separated from people. Here, over 7,000 happy cows of NutiMilk live in the fresh natural atmosphere and they are nourished by the pure upstream water flow and nutritious grass together with the dedicated care by Nutifood specialists.

Accordingly, all cows in the farm are bred under the natural process with well-balanced sleeping and relaxing time. Harvested fresh milk output per day per cow is only 25 liters, lower than the average supply output of 28 liters in order to ensure the best quality of fresh milk and milk regeneration process.

With such conditions, NutiMilk Dairy Farm possesses the six most preeminent factors: Clean land - Clean air - Clean water - Clean grass - Clean temperature - Clean output.

In particular, Nutifood pays special attention to the nutrients absorbed from food in order to ensure the standardized content of fat and protein in cow milk. In order to do so, the specialists at Nutifood Vietnam have worked closely with the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden in establishing servings based on specialized nutrition demands in each growth stage of cows. The set of targets includes 40 nutritional elements monitored everyday on each cow in order to ensure good health and the best fresh milk quality.

Following this success, at the end of 2021, Nutifood imported 3,300 purebred Holstein Friesian (HF) cows from the USA to NutiMilk Dairy Farm to meet the demand for increasing the size of cow herd, increasing high standard milk source for the market. These imported cows have good health index and possess high hereditary criteria and breed characteristics carefully selected by Nutifood specialists.

Regarding this breakthrough strategy of Nutifood, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien judged that: “The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development highly appreciated the achievement gained by Nutifood. This is the pride of Vietnam husbandry in general and milk sector in particular. This will be one of the very important factors for us to step into European market, especially during the validity of EVFTA Agreement”.

Legendary CADA Coffee Farm with
100-year history

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CADA Coffee Farm

Legendary CADA Coffee Farm with 100-year history

CADA Coffee Farm (COMPAGNIE AGRICOLE D’ASIE), located in Krong Pak district, Dak Lak, has been known as a famous land area in the “coffee map” of Vietnam. With initial area of 260 ha, CADA was chosen by French people to plant the first Robusta coffee tree in 1922 when they found that natural conditions of soil and climate here were quite suitable for excellent Robusta coffee seeds.

Situated among the jungle highland, shielded by Chu Yang Sin national park, CADA farm is located at the height of over 500m from the sea level, covered by fertile basaltic soil and receiving pure water source from numerous waterfalls and springs. This place has become the “land of heaven” which not only helps coffee tree grow well but also creates high quality coffee seeds with distinctive flavor compared with other land areas. Supreme quality and characteristic pure delicacy of CADA coffees have been affirmed from French domination through today.

In March 1977, after taking over the whole area of CADA farm, Dak Lak province People’s Committee decided to establish the local State-owned farm, firstly known as Phuoc An Farm and then changed into Phuoc An Coffee Joint Stock Company. In 2017, with the joint management by Nutifood, Phuoc An Coffee Company developed greatly, expanded farming area with over 1,400 ha and focused on researching caring technique together with production process to maintain and optimize coffee quality in this place.

In consideration of outstanding quality, at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2019, the coffee sample of CADA Farm was recognized by the World Specialty Coffee Association SCA as one of 25 coffee samples meeting specialty coffee standard and one of 7 coffee samples with the best quality.

CADA coffee also won UTZ certificate - a global certificate for sustainable development and clean coffee traceability. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of tons of CADA coffee were exported and created great prestige when conquering selective markets such as UK, France, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Netherland, Belgium, Singapore and Japan.

Over 100 years of formation and development together with many historical changes of the country, up to now, CADA has been recognized by the State as one of national historical relics and received many honorable Medals and prizes such as the First class Labor Medal, the Second class Labor Medal together with two Third class Labor Medals; Vietnamese gold star prize; Vietnamese gold quality prize; UNESCO cultural enterprise and many other noble titles.

With natural advantages and methodological investment by NutiFood, legendary CADA coffee farm has developed vigorously, becoming a Vietnamese trademark beloved by millions of coffee lovers all over the world.

Ngoc Linh Ginseng
- A rare and precious herb, known as the national treasure of Vietnam

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Ngoc Linh Ginseng - National Treasure of Vietnam

As the natural quintessence on the top of Ngoc Linh mountain at the height of 2,598m, Ngoc Linh Ginseng is one of the best ginsengs in the world and regarded as the “national treasure” of Vietnam. Since 1973, many agencies and scientists at home and abroad have researched this ginseng. Accordingly, the reports confirmed that the quality of Ngoc Linh ginseng is much better than that of ginseng of other countries. Specifically, both root and body of Ngoc Linh ginseng contain 52 Saponin compounds including 26 types of Saponin commonly seen in South Korean, North Korean, Chinese and US ginseng. Remaining 26 types of Saponin have quite new structure and have not been announced in other ginsengs.

In particular, Saponin MR2 in Ngoc Linh ginseng occupies about half of total main Saponin. Prominent activity of this Saponin contributes to forming many specific pharmacological effects of Ngoc Linh ginseng with over 50 good benefits for body, notably extraordinary effects such as cancer and tumor prevention, anti-bacteria, anti-aging. Besides, this precious herb contains 17 amino acids, 20 micro-minerals, essential oil and 17 fat acids which are very good for human health.

Despite such values, the lack of methodological investment in trademark makes Ngoc Linh ginseng inaccessible by many customers, thereby impossible to create a comparable image in Vietnam and international market. This is really a big disadvantage for both Ngoc Linh ginseng trademark and world consumers. With more than 20 years of researching and applying scientific achievements in nutrition, together with the mission of providing high standard solutions to meet urgent nutritional needs of the community, domestic and foreign experienced specialists of Nutifood aspire to provide supreme nutritional values of Ngoc Linh ginseng for human health, bring about happy and healthy life and even build up Vietnamese herb trademarks in international markets.

In materializing this vision, in 2021, Nutifood officially participated in the herb segment through investment in Quang Nam Ngoc Linh Ginseng Pharmaceutical Trading Joint Stock Company (Quasapharco) and took over Ngoc Linh ginseng farm covering hundreds of hectares and hundreds of thousands of ginseng roots planted in the primeval forest situated on the top of Ngoc Linh mountain. Through the turning point of joining Ngoc Linh ginseng and herb segment, Nutifood products will gain better new improvements for the user’s health through combining such precious materials.

Scientific research is the steady foundation for high standard nutritional product

From the launch of Ho Chi Minh Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) to the effort of establishing the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS) with leading specialists from all over the world, it proves the strong determination and commitment of Nutifood in establishing steady knowledge foundation in order to develop product lines in strict conformity with nutritional demands of the community.


Where gathers the world’s leading specialists and applies modern scientific achievements to develop European-standard nutritional solutions to meet typical nutrition of Vietnamese people.

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Applying world scientific achievement to improve Vietnamese stature

At the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS), we work towards internationally standardized products to meet strict standards of the most selective markets with a view to bringing about nutritional solutions for Vietnamese people, which not only have leading quality but also meet the strictest quality standards such as Organic Certificate, FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000:2005, HACCP - Global food safety certificate, GMP - International standard of good manufacturing practice.
With more than 50 leading healthcare and nutrition specialists in the Europe and in the world, 5 leading Medical associations in Vietnam together with 20-year experience of understanding typical stature and nutrition demands of Vietnamese people, the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS) pioneers in applying scientific quintessence, achievements, researching and developing standard and appropriate nutritional solutions in order to improve Vietnamese stature and life quality.
Only after one year of operation, the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS) gained two outstanding achievements. The first achievement is launching exclusive FDI formula to help children gain Strong immunity - Good digestion, applied in the Vietnam’s leading children milk brand Nutifood GrowPLUS+ and trusted by 93.4% of Vietnamese women.

With leading nutritionists of Vietnam, apart from scientific research, this institute organizes communication and education activities, training, consultancy and treatment of nutrition-related diseases for people of all ages.

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The first foundation for the mission of improving Vietnamese nutrition & health

Before opening the way to the world modern nutritional scientific research with NNRIS, Ho Chi Minh Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute was established with the companion of leading ethical doctors from the first days in the context of limited medical conditions. Thanks to the solidarity of devoted doctors, Ho Chi Minh Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute has studied typical Vietnamese stature and pioneered to introduce health solutions, solved urgent nutrition demands of the community for over 20 years. Accordingly, at Ho Chi Minh Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute, Nutifood specialists believe that balanced and appropriate nutrition is the foundation for Health and Happiness. Therefore, the Institute defines 7 groups of important tasks:
- Researching actual nutrition, servings and health matters related to nutrition;
- Researching nutritional values and benefits of food for human health;
- Organizing nutrition training courses, conferences and workshops and health communication programs for appropriate nutrition for the people;
- Applying the world scientific and technical progresses in food technology & beverage to develop nutritional products for normal people and patients in Vietnam;
- Conducting experiments in the community and clinically to prove efficiency of normal nutritional food and treatment food;
- Cooperating at home and abroad in the matters related to nutrition and food, while developing international integration under the laws;
- Examining, consulting and treating nutrition-related pathologies for all objects and specialized nutritional services such as testing redundancy and deficit of nutrients.
We are convinced that with the solidarity of ethical and talented doctors with more than 20-year understanding of Vietnamese people at Ho Chi Minh Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute and international specialists of the Nutifood Nutrition Research Center in Sweden, Nutifood will create internationally standardized and preeminent products not only for Vietnamese people but also for the international community in the next journeys.

Advanced technology preserves nutrition &
Packs devotion in each product

6 factories in Vietnam and 1 factory in Sweden are provided with machines imported from the countries with highly developed science and technique such as Japan, Germany and Sweden. Therefore, finished products meet important international quality certificates such as ISO 9001, FDA, HACCP and GMP.

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6 factories with modern technology all over Vietnam

Nutifood Ha Nam

It covers 8 hectares and annual capacity of 200 million liters of milk, 31,000 tons of powder milk

Nutifood Hung Yen 1

It covers 2 hectares and produces all products of the group

Nutifood Hung Yen 2

It covers 12 hectare and produces milk, readymade powder milk, soya milk with production line capacity of 24,000 cartons/hour

Nutifood Binh Duong 1

It covers 14 hectares and produces all products and coffee with total capacity of 50,000 tons of powder milk/year

Nutifood Binh Duong 2

It covers 22 hectares and produces all products of the group

Nutifood Gia Lai

It covers 7 hectares and produces milk with processing capacity of 500 million of liters/year


Reaching out to the world
with a factory in Sweden

NutiFood Sweden AB Factory is built in Bjuv in the south of Sweden - known as the best agricultural area in the Northern Europe, where accommodates over 2,500 organic farms. This favorable position helps the factory ensure abundant and high quality materials supply source while shortening time for transporting milk from the farm to the production facility, whereby products maintain their freshness, delicacy and complete nutritional content.


Nutifood x Cawells - The healthcare solution from Sweden for 5 billion Asian people

Cawells was founded in 2015 in Sweden, has a diverse list of over 120 minerals and vitamin fortified supplement food for all ages. Taking advantage of the technological experience from the method of combining with precious Asian medicinal herbs, the cooperation of Nutifood and Cawells will bring a comprehensive, completely unique and different health-care solution.


We always try our best to bring the good thing from the farm which is embraced in each product and serve millions of families all over the world.

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