History of Development

Start from the devotion, grow with the ambition

At Nutifood, we write our own story through the aspirational journey "Raising nutrition standard, Improving Vietnamese stature". Each new chapter of the development journey shows the pioneering mark of Nutifood in creating high-standard nutritional products, meeting diversified demands and accompanying happy and healthy life of millions of consumers at all ages.

The past initiative to save people intensifies today’s ambitions

Back in the 90s, the founding team of Nutifood, initially as ethical doctors, researched and developed the Enalaz method, i.e. using a blender, pureeing food, feeding via esophageal catheters, thereby helping to save hundreds of thousands of children and patients in the context of medical difficulties and conditions. Since then, the desire to "Raise nutrition standards for Vietnamese people" has been shaped and become a guideline for the journey to create a happy and healthy life for the community at all stages of life.

Firm orientation for outstanding product quality

Our sustainable development orientation: each Nutifood product is the crystallization of nutritional scientific research by using natural ingredients based on modern production technology.

Start with devotion, grow with ambitions

Nutritional scientific research has always been known as Nutifood's competitive strength throughout the process of formation and development. From the establishment of Ho Chi Minh Nutrition Research Institute to the attempt to establish the Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute in Sweden (NNRIS) where accommodate leading specialists from all over the world is a proof for Nutifood's strong determination and commitment in building a solid knowledge foundation, orienting product development to help to improve habitus and stature of Vietnamese people.

Investment and development of modern production technology

Understanding the importance of modern production technology in creating standard products that are safe for health and preserve maximum nutritional content, Nutifood always pays special attention to upgrading, renewing equipment lines in the factories. Specifically, in 6 factories in Vietnam and 1 factory in Sweden, they are all equipped with machines imported from the countries with high scientific and technical development such as Japan, Germany and Sweden. As a result, the finished products all have achieved important international quality control certificates such as ISO 9001, FDA and HACCP.

No. 1 children milk brand in Vietnam

Thanks to the resonance of our core competence in nutrition research with the power of advanced production technology, we pioneered the introduction of health solutions to the community such as the first special treatment milk for anorexia children, the first nutritional product for diabetics. Especially, the Grow Plus brand has been the No. 1 brand in the segment of powder milk for children in Vietnam for many years.

Improving the quality of nutrition and community healthcare

Proudly, Nutifood products not only become the No. 1 choice of millions of families across the country but also accompany the Government in solving the national nutrition issue by reducing the rate of malnourished children from 31.9% in 2009, down to less than 15% in 2020. Such outcome is the honor of every Nutifood staff, giving us more motivation to devote ourselves to the community.

Building and creating sustainable raw materials area

Without stopping at that point, Nutifood's journey is continued with the footprints of breakthroughs. One of them is the effort to create a natural and clean raw materials area, an important factor for outstanding product quality. All of these things are aimed at bringing to consumers at all ages delicious products, and the best choice for health.

Accompanying millions of families, reaching out to the world

Thanks to the sustainable orientation and long-term vision, Nutifood is proud of bringing a variety of product series such as fruit milk, tea, coffee, Jelly, eatable yoghurt, drinkable yoghurt, etc. to serve various groups of customers, from children, teenagers, young people, elders, men, women to the whole family. Nutifood products are beloved and welcome by a large number of consumers every day, not only within Vietnam but also in the international market, conquering even demanding markets with the strictest quality standards such as USA, Japan and Korea.

Footprints of pioneering

Succeeding in producing Jelly products in the first ECOLEAN package in the world. For the first time, bringing 100% New Zealand milk from natural grass-bred cows - one of the best milk series in the world to serve Vietnamese people. The first Vietnamese dairy enterprise to establish the Nutrition Research Institute abroad, apply the world’s modern scientific progress to produce international high-standard milk with 3.5g protein - 4.0g fat. Revitalizing legendary CADA farm with 100-year history, with coffee seeds of unique supreme quality. Revitalizing Ngoc Linh Ginseng as the national treasure, one of the gingseng types with the world’s highest Saponin content, doubling that of ginseng from South Korea, China and Japan. Successfully developing milk product, drinking water, the first eatable yogurt with jelly in Vietnam. Pioneering in developing the first special treatment products for malnourished children in Vietnam. Pioneering in developing the first nutritional milk product for obese children in Vietnam. Pioneering in developing the first special treatment products for diabetics in Vietnam.