Uht Milk - Chocolate

Nuti UHT milk with delicious taste, rich calcium, now fortified with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Zinc, enriches daily meals, helps to promote good vision, strengthen bones, and support the immune system, gives you a healthy body to enjoy an active day.

Product quality is assured by the quality management system ABS-QE United States

Target users:
For whole family (Use for child over 1 year old)

Bag: 220 ml
220 ml: 48 bags / carton

Product benefit:
Vitamin A, D3,  Zinc - Help boost eyesight, bone health, immunity

Ingredients: Water, fresh cow milk (10 %), milk powder (8,5 %), refined cane sugar, milkfat, maltodextrin, cocoa powder (0,6 %), vegetable oil, stabilizers (E471, E407), vitamins & mineral (A, D3, Zin sulfate), nature identical flavours, salt. Contains milk.

No preservatives

Direction for storage & usage:

  • Best served chilled
  • Shake well before use
  • Only for one usage
  • Storage in cool and dry place
  • Not use for children under 1 year old

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