Riso Opti Gold 1- Specialized nutrition for healthy digestive system

The quality of formula and nutritional product Riso Opti Gold 1 acknowledged by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc
Packing specification: Tin of 400g and 900g

For children:  0-6 months

Instruction for preparation
- Before preparing formula, wash your hands thoroughly with soap 
- Clean and sterilize bottle, teat and any utensils by boiled water for 5 minutes
- Boil drinking water for  5 minutes then let it cool of to lukewarm water (about 50°C)
- Refer to the feeding guide below and use only the enclosed scoop
- Shake or stir until powder is complete dissolved
- Before feeding your baby, test temperature of formula on your wrist.

Instruction for use: Add 1 scoop (about 8.3 g) to each 30 ml of water.
Caution: Discard any unfinished feeds. Use instantly after mix milk
Keep tin covered after using and store it in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Do not store in refrigerator. Consume before expiry date and within 1 month after opening.