Nuti IQ Step 4 (from 2 – 6 years)

Nuti IQ Step 4 with IQ – Advance formula was studies and developed by dietitians of NutiFood for children from 2 to 6 years. Product is supplemented with DHA, Lutein, ARA, LA, ALA, vitamins and essential nutrients to help development and completion children’s brain and retina in the early life.
Product is ensured by the quality management system ABS-QE, USA.


Target users: Children from 2 – 6 years

Features and benefits:

IQ-Advance supplemented nutrition formula.

Develop for intellectual and retina.

- DHA, ARA, ALA, LA: essential nutrients to develop and complete of nervous tissuses and brain.

- Choline and Taurine: an important component of the neurotransmission process; to improve cognitive abilities and support for the development of brain.

- Lutein: a carotenoid is found in the vitreous and retina cells which are important components of the yellow pigment on retina; support for the visual abilities and improve the eye health.

- Iron and Iodine: essential nutrients to develop the brain functions.

Support digestive health and strengthen immune system.

- Prebiotics (FOS / Inulin): a component of fiber needed to increase the beneficial bacteria of intestine thereby helping the child's digestive system healthy, efficient absorption of nutrients for physical well - being in order to strengthen immune system and to decrease the constipation.

- Group vitamin B: support the metabolism of nutrient which protect the physical healthily.

- Selen: supports activity of immune system that helps the physical healthily.

Development of high and body:

- Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus: strengthen bone and teeth, with vitamin D3, K1, C to support the physical’s absorption of calcium which helps children to develop high and body.

- Zinc: promote the activities of hormone which helps them develop high and body.

Net weight: box of 400gr and tin of 900gr.

Nutrition information table of Nuti IQ Step 4 – 900 g

1. Directions for use.

- Wash your hands thoroughly before preparation.

- Boil clean water for 05 minutes. The boiled water must be cooled until approx. 50oC (warmed-water) before preparing.

- Mix 4 level scoops Nuti IQ Step 4 (approx. 38g) with 180 ml of warmed-water (approx. 50oC). Stir powder until it is dissolved completely.

2. Directions for storage.

- After using, keep tin covered if packaging is tin or pack in box have to fold and tight grip mouth of aluminum bag.

- Store product in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

- Do not store in refrigerator.

- Consume before expiry date and within one month after opening.

3. Cautions: the formula should be used right after preparing. In case of not being consumed yet, it should be properly and stored at 4-6oC and used within 24 hours. Discard the unused formula.