Nuti IQ infant cereal

Nuti IQ – Infant Cereal formula is specially made for 6-12 month babies to help the first meals of your children with nutrition completion.

Combining cow-milk with fresh, well selected and nutritious ingredients which boost appetite and change meals on a daily basis, Nuti IQ Instant Cereal has plenty of variants to choose.

No artificial. No preservative.

Supplement food for 6-12 month babies

DHA and Taurine: Support the development of nervous tissues, cognitive and improve the memory.
Luteine: Help development the visual ability.

Prebiotics (FOS/ Inulin): Enhance beneficial bacteria in digestion system, resulting in effective absorption of nutrition and reducing the risk of constipation

Vitamins and Minerals:
Provide necessary vitamins and minerals for the physics and mentality development of children.

Net Weight: 200g/box and 350g/tin

10 variants:
Rice with milk, Fruit with milk, Pork with pumpkin and vegetables shrinkage, Chicken with spinach and carrots, Beef with green peas and potatoes, Fish with shiitake mushroom, Eel with lotus seeds, Frog with Vietnamese spinach, Crab with Vietnamese spinach, Shrimp with sweet leaf and pumpkin.

Ideally for: 6 - 24 month babies.


This product is not milk and can not replace for breast milk

Caution: Breast milk is the best food for the health, growth and development of young children.

Non – meat variants:

Meat-with-vegetables variants:

Suggested feeding table

Age of your baby (*) No. of scoops (**) Lukewarm water (approx. 50oC) No. of feeding per day

(6th month)

2 scoops 70ml 1
Under 12th month 8 scoops 200ml 1 or 2
12th  to 24th  month 8 scoops 200ml 3

(*) Beginner should start with sweet variants (Rice with milk, Fruit with milk).

(**) Scoops can be defined by the spoon that is available in aluminum bag.

Directions for use

Wash your hands and all utensil thoroughly before feeding your baby

Boil clean water then let the boiling-water cool down to a temperature of about 50°C

Pour lukewarm water (approx. 50oC), and then sprinkle slowly each scoop of Nuti IQ – Infant cereal into a bowl as Suggested feeding table and use enclosed scoop.

Stir until the cereal is completely dissolved and feed with a clean spoon.

Directions for storage

After usage, keep tin covered or fold the top-part cut-out bag.

Store it in a cool and dry place.

Consume before expiry date and use within one month after opening.

- Do not keep the leftovers.
- Extra milk and vegetable oil are not required.
- Mothers can adapt the amount of scoops to your baby’s need.

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