NutiFood signed a contract with Vietnam Labor Union to support work


On the date of April 22, 2017, at the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, NutiFood signed a cooperation program for Vietnam welfare union members and workers with Vietnam General Confederation of Labour in Da Nang. This is part of the program "Prime Minister meets with workers in the Central Economic Region" on the International Labor Day and the 2017 Workers' Month.

The content of the cooperation agreement between NutiFood and Vietnam General Confederation of Labour mainly focuses on the program of selling discounted goods to workers, laborers in industrial zones in the pay period, Tet holidays, etc. with special incentives for workers; the lowest is 15% depending on the product. The company also has special preferential policies for the grassroots-level trade union when purchasing NutiFood products for workers’ catering.

Moreover, the company also extracted a part of the NutiFood product sales to the grassroots-level trade union to support social activities such as visiting disadvantaged workers, donated gratitude houses of Trade Unions, propaganda and develop union members and set up the grassroots-level trade union.

Representatives of NutiFood said that workers are a very important force in society. Over the decades, the Communist Party and the State have always paid attention to the working class, reflected in many good policies for the labor force of the country. Vietnam General Confederation of Labour has also made great efforts with many activities and programs to take care of workers' lives and NutiFood is honored to be one of the companions of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour to take care of the lives of workers.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (standing row, middle) and Mr. Tran Thanh Hai- CEO of NutiFood Board of Executives (bottom row, second from the left)

"As a nutrition company, when we participate in this program, we desire to provide high nutritional products with the workers. Nutrition to workers is very important because they need to be provided with enough nutrients to regenerate their power after hard working hours. Our products are suitable to help workers regain health. They remain good health then reproduce their power and work well". 

Additionally, millions of workers’ children required good sources of nutrients to grow smart and healthy. NutiFood with quality products from the heart of the nutrition experts are necessary products for children. With the average income of the workers, maintaining a regular monthly milk supply for their children is quite difficult, even many parents tighten their bell to buy milk for their children. NutiFood wants to have the best price policy for every worker’s child to drink milk. This is also how we contribute to improving the physical strength and appearance of the Vietnamese people.
Before signing the agreement with Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, NutiFood had many nutritional counseling for workers such as nutrition counseling for pregnant women of Samsung nationwide; provided nutrition knowledge information for Pouyuen factory workers; In addition, NutiFood also gives gifts to workers in many industrial parks on the occasion of the Labour Day, Lunar New Year, etc. NutiFood has been making more effort to set up more practical for workers in the country.

Representative of NutiFood added, "Thanks to Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, NutiFood facilitated this program. We hope the general federation would direct the provincial and city labor federations to support NutiFood to implement this program, thus workers can enjoy many preferential policies. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to provide workers about their nutritional knowledge then they know how to take care of their health and children as well". 

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