NutiFood signed a contract to export Ready-to-drink Pedia Plus to the US


As the signed contract, Delori will distribute Ready-to-drink Pedia Plus to over 300 supermarkets in California State. This is the product fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for helping stimulate appetite, develop brain and eyesight which has been trusted by mothers in Vietnam for consumption.

Aiming to access to the US market, NutiFood’s plant has met the rigorous standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), one of the strictest demanding food standards organization on over the world, and has been approved by US FDA. NutiFood’s plant has also been certified by the US FDA for its ability to export its products to the US market.

Sharing about this event, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Chairman of NutiFood said, "To obtain this contract, we have spent more than a year of negotiations with our partner Delori and also worked with process authorized Party by US FDA for being certified. The Party paid a visit to NutiFood's plant to check multi-step test with hundreds of strict criteria, and when NutiFood’s plant met all these criteria, the organization issued a new "visa" for NutiFood’s products to enter the US market. It can be said that this is great joy and also the pride of NutiFood.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Chairman of NutiFood and Mr. Jaime Brown, CEO of Delori Food Company

Mr. Jaime Brown, CEO of Delori Food Company, headquarter in California, USA said, “We came to Vietnam to explore and learn about NutiFood - a local dairy company ranked the first in Vietnam market for specialty dairy industry, particularly Grow PLUS+ Nutrition for malnutrition children, NutiFit for obese children, Pedia Plus for anorexia children. We are impressed with NutiFood because the company has built and developed a line of product fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for children, this kind of product which has been growing and developing in the US market for many years. We had thought that only international corporations in large markets like US could do that”.

NutiFood's first export sales to the US market are expected to make up for USD 20 million. Delori is also trying to negotiate to distribute Pedia Plus products to supermarket chains throughout the US. It is expected that NutiFood sales in the US market will rise to USD 100 million/ year for 5 years later.

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