Originated from successes of researches and clinical applications of Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center, Dong Tam Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company, the original name of Nutifood, was established on March 29th, 2000.
From the beginning, the company’s nutritional products have really been "impressive" on the market with quality, formulas, and ingredients equivalent to imported products. However, their organoleptic characteristics and price are very suitable for Vietnamese consumers.

NutiFood’s original products include 3 groups: feeding nutritional powder, nutritional milk powder and high energy nutritional food, etc. Those days, with a mission of providing nutrition solutions suitable for every demand of each age group, each pathology and other special needs, with knowledge of nutrition, and good customer care, sales force was trusted by the market even though it was still ‘thin’. In spite of not being really professional, NutiFood’s images and activities has been continuously voted as Top 5 Vietnam high quality goods by Vietnamese consumers since 2001.

Since 2003, NutiFood has built a professional distribution system expanding throughout 64 provinces and cities with the ambitious campaign " The great fish eats the small", against multinational companies to hold most of market share in Vietnam. As a result, its revenue has increased more than 250% annually, accounting for the highest share of full cream milk powder. Since then, it has become a "phenomenon" studied by Departments and Schools specializing in Business Administration. In the book "Branding for Leaders", the famous expert, Richard Moore, stated: "With a specific market focus, with a memorable brand name and an concentrated trademark identity, Nutifood has been ready for next successes in Vietnam as well as export market".

Together with business operations, being derived from the business philosophy: "Every product is made to meet urgent nutritional needs of the community, to contribute to the overall physical development of Vietnamese", the company’s marketing activities and community charity have always been supported by many classes of Vietnamese consumers as the following shown:

- In 2002, the first charity walk in VN "For the poor and sick women" was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh city with more than 4,000 attendees. This walk was recorded in Vietnam Guinness book.

- In 2003, the charity walk "Together to be against the risk of diabetes" belonging to media campaign, "Consensus of being against diabetes" of Ho Chi Minh City Health Department, contributed to the charity fund, "Nutrition support for the poor patients", and successfully mobilized more than 20,000 attendees.

- In New Year's Eve 2004, the company and Vietnam Central Youth Association mobilized artists and celebrities to make more than 7,000 Tet cakes and gave presents to the street poor and to the shelters of disabilities.

- In 2005, the live TV show "For the future of Vietnam" was broadcast in 3 large cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang at the same time. This event marked the strong growth of Nutifood with activities toward community for Vietnamese children. Thereby more than 3.1 billion dong was raised to Vietnamese Poor Sponsor Fund.

- Nutifood took part in establishing and running the fund "Nutrition support for poor patients of Ho Chi Minh City", thereby providing free nutrition food to more than 10,000 poor patients in nationwide hospitals.

- In recent years, NutiFood has always been the main sponsor for many social activities, media campaigns, Symposiums on health of Vietnam Health Sector and Ho Chi Minh City such as “Vitamin A programs throughout Ho Chi Minh City”, “The World Milk Day”, "The children day", "The day of nutrition and encouragement  to be against diabetes ","The bridge of health ","Diabetic Club", “Supporting communication activities of health for workers at export processing zones”, etc., creating an image of a friendly dietitian in practical community activities.

- Nutifood is an active member of the movement "Vietnamese is favor of Vietnamese goods ", and an active participant in "Sales to rural areas" and "Market stabilizing program".

- And now, we are in the top 3 largest Vietnam dairy company.

To have high quality products equivalent to imported ones, NutiFood invested and built a factory at My Phuoc Industrial Zone, Binh Duong Province, with a system of modern facilities in accordance with technologies of Germany, Sweden, etc., ensuring product quality, environmental safety and food hygiene. Sources of water, air, ambient temperature, waste, etc. are strictly controlled and recorded for management; a closed production process from input selection and examination to shipping products to distributors, with a quality management system according to GMP, HCCP, ISO 22.000  standards, and under the quality supervision of ABS – QE, USA. Therefore, NutiFood is always “out of” crisis of milk quality occurred in recent years such as "melamine contaminated milk", "Clostridium

Botulinum contaminated milk "that many enterprises including multinational companies had to cope with.
With the slogan "Nutrition solution of dietitians" which is considered to be the lodestar for our orientation, NutiFood has had strong investment in researching and developing specific nutritional products. In collaboration with local and foreign dietitians, Nutifood is the first local company to introduce to market specific diary products for patients, which can be used for tube feeding, and just a half price of imported products, products for diabetes, for young anorexics, obese people; product lines suitable for each growth stage of children, for pregnant women and nursing mothers, for the elderly who need calcium supplement, etc. The successful research, Grow PLUS+, has recently been the only product for stunted and malnourished children on the market, and been enthusiastically supported by consumers.
In recent advertising program on television recently, an advertisement of NutiFood which was about a dietitian, a founder of NutiFood, caused tender and deep emotions while referring to maternalism. With the image of a blender to save lives of thousands of children patients in difficult period of the country, NutiFood convinced consumers to sympathize with a company "built with endless love for children" and to trust in the team of dietitians though the company is 100% Vietnam, with a very humanity message to Vietnamese consumers: "...Before being nutritionists, we view life through the hearts of fathers’ and mothers’...".

Currently NutiFood Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company’s products are available all over 64 provinces and cities. You can buy these products at the closest stores, supermarkets, etc.

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